Basics of Genital Wart Treatment in Male and Females


Genital Warts, HPV and Us Humans

As every mortal will taste death one day, %50-80 of sexually active mortals will face genital HPV although not all of them. Well at least that’s what WHO academic data suggests so.

Looking into “Globocan” data of WHO may also be interesting for you. This site is beneficial for every kinds of cancer.

Video of my speech dated 27 Feb 2014 is in the attachment. However, some points must be underlined. You may at least understand the points I tried to express during my speech better.

HPV infections of genital area must be evaluated under two topics especially when woman is the case: Genital warts, cervical cancer and precursors of cancer. These pathologies are treated and followed differently.

Another problem is treatment of the clinical problem and treatment of HPV infections, the two separate topics which may confused by my colleagues as well.

When women face HPV and get infected, %92-95 of them clean the virus in the first 2 years although these numbers differ according to the type. However, even if the virus is cleared, oncogenic process may have already begun which is cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN I and others) process.

On the contrary, patient may be carrying the most dangerous one, HPV type 16, but there may be no clinical problems and smears may be clean. Sometimes the results show ASCUS but there is no colposcopic findings.

Also, when genital warts are the case, treatment of the clinical process is important in women and men. As you can see in my speech, warts are created by type 6 and 11 but other oncogenic HPV types may add up later and there is a possibility of development of hybrid warts.

This information belongs to last 1-2 years. As you can see, the subject is dynamic and there is a constant information flow. I used to say that there was no need to determine the type of warts a while ago, now I say it should be done.

Another important point is how the type determination done. Nowadays, it is possible to do determination of multiple types at once in PCR with microarray methods but it costs too much. On the other hand classical PCR reports the virus type which is replicated the most. This subject requires further investigation.

Watch the video. I expect your questions. I will be around.

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Basics of Treatment of Genital Warts