Treatment of Genital Warts in Men and Its Principles



HPV 6 and 11 are HPV types that cause genital warts in %90-97.

According to the data of genital wart frequency including 4 million women in 30-65 age group published in 2011in Turkey, the incidence is 97-131 in 100000. This rate is similar to the ones in France and Spain. Also, yearly risk of recurrence is %15-37 in the same study. (

The fact that genital wart which is among the most common diseases of sexually transmitted diseases in the world is that common in women of our country makes it necessary for the gynecologists to evaluate the partners of patients in the treatment process.

As a gynecologist, the only condition that makes me examine male patients is genital warts. In my opinion, evaluation of partners for genital warts is very important and an inseperable part of the treatment. You may listen to summarized information about treatment of genital warts in men in this video.